Faculty & Staff

Mr. Jeffrey Decker Headmaster
Mrs. Libby Haley High School Director
Mrs. Brittany Collis  High School/Middle School Counselor
Mr. Josh Ringer ’07 Assistant Headmaster
Mr. Troy Burner Athletic Director
Mrs. Amy Camp Middle School Director
Mrs. Lisa McElhannon Lower School Director (1st- 5th)
Mrs. Barbara Hutchings
PreSchool Director (PK2 – K5)
Ms. Donna Pye Curriculum Director
Mrs. Libby Rainey
Director of Admissions
Mrs. Tracy Stickley ’85 Director of Development
Mrs. Jan Dodson ’80
Business Manager
Mr. Marty Phillips Director of Information Technology /
Cross Country Coach / Track Distance Coach / MS Basketball Coach
IT Help Desk
Ms. Lisa Milo Registrar/Secretary Request a Transcript
Mrs. Amy Ferman Media Specialist Media Center
Mr. Joe Tkacik Academic Support Director – HS, MS, LS & PS Academic Support
Mrs. Gladys Crowe, ’86
Academic Support – PS & LS  Academic Support
John McMillian III Campus Chaplain
Mrs. Candi Moreno ’97 Campus Communications Coordinator


Mrs. Libby Haley High School Director (Grades 9th – 12th)
Mrs. Robin Allen-Peters AP US History, Government, US History
Mrs. Kate Espelage Spanish I, II, III & IV
Mr. Troy Burner Health, P.E., Athletic Trainer
Ms. Jordan Camp ’12 Strength & Conditioning, PK-12th, Varsity Girls Basketball
Mr. Dennis Kinard Biology I, Biology II, Astronomy, Forensics
Mrs. Libby Haley Pre-calculus, Bible, DE MATH
Mrs. April Allen Yearbook
Mr. Cory Olson Bus.Techology, Bus. Mgt.,  Per. Fin., Economics, Public Speaking, Statistics
Mr. Ron Kauffman Music Director, Band & Choral, Music 1st-12th
Mr. John McMillian ’91
Bible, Chapel
Mrs. Dena Stancil
Algebra I, Algebra II
Mrs. Beth Moss English 10th, 11th, 12th & DE LIT
Mr. Jeff Ratliff Algebra II, Bible, Head Football Coach
Mrs. Kris Voy English 9th, 10th & 11th
Mr. Tyler VanDusen Ancient World History, Modern World History, AP World History
Ms. Donna Pye Chemistry, Anatomy, Zoology


Mrs. Amy Camp ’87 Middle School Director (Grades 6th – 8th)
Mr. Daulton Veal Life Science, Physical Science
Mrs. Amy Camp ’87
Earth Science, 7th Literature
Ms. Emily Embry 7th Grade English, 8th Grade Language Arts
Mr. Don Keiser World Cultures, Georgia History
Ms. Abbie Youmans 6th & 7th Grade Math
Mr. Josh Ringer, 07
7th Grade World Cultures
Mrs. Shannon Patrick 6th Grade English & Literature,
Mrs. Dena Stancil Algebra I, Algebra II,SAT PREP MATH


Mrs. Lisa McElhannon Lower School Director (1st – 5th)
Mrs. Brittaney Roth 1st Grade
Ms. Kelly Dally 1st Grade
Mrs. Kara Moore 2nd Grade
Mrs. Callie Davis 2nd Grade
Mrs. Vikki Drawdy ’76 3rd Grade
Ms. Maggie Massey 3rd Grade
Mrs. Chandler Craine 4th Grade
Mrs. Lisa McElhannon 4th Grade
Mrs. Kim McLaulin 5th Grade
Mrs. Stashia Patterson 5th Grade
Mrs. Amanda Andrews Paraprofessional, Academic Support
Mrs. Tracy Harper Paraprofessional
Mrs. Lisa Slaughter Paraprofessional
Mrs. Kim Boswell S.T.E.M.


Mrs. Barbara Hutchings Pre-K Director (PK2 through K5 grades)
Mrs. Jessica Nixon Paraprofessional K-2
Mrs. Sarah Wofford K2 Program
Mrs. Allison Ringer K3 Program
Mrs. Barbara Hutchings K4 Program
Mrs. Juliet Ruhl K4 Program
Ms. Lyn Bennett  Kindergarten
Mrs. Beth Mappes Kindergarten
Mrs. Lisa Pierson Art Teacher (PK-5th), Paraprofessional
Mrs. April Allen Music Director (PK2-K5)