Dear families and friends,

On Saturday, June 13, we held graduation on campus in our football stadium. It was one of the most memorable and meaningful graduation ceremonies I have witnessed in 32 years of private education. As we all know, the Class of 2020 had their senior year cut short by Covid 19 and they sadly missed out on what would otherwise have been eight weeks of precious memories. Nonetheless, the Class of 2020 achieved remarkable success in their years at Gatewood with academic honors, 87% Hope Scholarship eligibility, achievement in music and the arts, and a score of state championships. All 38 graduates will attend colleges around the eastern half of the United States ranging from Columbia of Chicago to the University of Mississippi, to Georgia Tech, and to the University of Florida. In all, our departing seniors will attend 24 different colleges and universities. They are a testament to the well roundedness, the success, and the opportunities offered to our students at Gatewood. At its core, this is our school’s mission.

While the wording of Gatewood’s mission has not changed over the years, the means by which we accomplish that mission has. Providing the best educational and developmental opportunities in our region requires constant monitoring of our school-wide curriculum, recruiting the best teachers available, providing needed resources for teachers and students, renovating our facilities, and funding our needs while keeping tuition affordable. This can sometimes be a balancing act, but we have experienced growth and stability in recent years.

This positive momentum is the result of the support we have received from donors and volunteers. I want to take this opportunity to thank so many of you who have supported our mission by giving to the Annual Fund, offering the resources of your companies to renovate our facilities, volunteering your time to the school, and understanding that it takes our entire school community to get involved in helping Gatewood reach its potential.

Whether you are a current, past or new parent, please let me know if you are interested in helping our school. My door is always open to supporters!

Warmest regards,

Jeffrey T. Decker