The Athletic Department at Gatewood would like to thank you for interest in the Gatewood sports programs. This year’s programs are sure to give you many exciting moments and thrills from all of the available Gatewood Varsity sports teams. The coaching staffs have been working hard with the players to make them stronger and faster. This year’s teams are prepared to make your game time viewing very entertaining. Please remember that these are young people, so cheer for all the players and support their endeavors. We know how important sports teams are to our society so supporting them in any way possible is needed. It can be hard finding the necessary equipment for games, but luckily there are sports fundraising ideas that can be used to help teams reach their full potential.

Printable Gatewood Athletic Fee Schedule 2021-2022

Gatewood Athletic Activity/Participation Fee Schedule 2021-2022

If your child does not participate in sports, please pay the following activity fee: Each Gatewood family from K2 – 12 pays a $50.00 mandatory activity fee. This fee is for the maintenance (not improvements or repairs!) of the playground, all athletic fields, and the 2 gyms.

Family Name: _________________________________________________________________

Children’s Names and Grades: ___________________________________________________

** Please send cash or check for $50 to your child’s homeroom teacher by August 27 ———————————————————————————————————————————————

If you have a child that participates in a sporting program (basketball, baseball, cheerleading, cross country, football, golf, soccer, tennis, sporting clays, swim, wrestling) in Lower School, Middle School, or High School, you are responsible for paying a participation fee. This fee contributes towards school liability insurance, and other miscellaneous costs, including but not limited to team expenses, travel, EMS coverage, and referees for sporting events. There is a $100 fee for the first child and an additional $50.00 for each child after that. The activity fee is included in the participation fee.

Parents Name: _________________________________________________________ (please print)

Home Phone: _____________________ Cell Phone: _________________________

Email Address: _________________________________________________________

● Make checks payable to the Gatewood Athletic Department Fees Child’s Name Grade 1st child participation fee $100.00 Each additional child participation fee $50.00 per child Gator Game Options

GATOR PASS:: $175.00/person, allows entry into all regular-season home sporting events with a Gate Pass. These passes are for one person only and cannot be shared!

This year we will have an increased number of handicapped parking spaces that will take the place of the reserved parking signs that we offered as an option for the past few years. These signs will be moved to the basketball, softball, baseball, and track area as those seasons come up. Please make sure that this space will remain for use for the handicapped persons with valid tags and rearview mirror signs. If any vehicle is parked in a handicapped parking area and no visible signs of current validation are seen, the vehicle will be towed at your own expense.

_______Pick up pass at gate _______ Please mail pass to me Name: (please print) _______________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________ Phone#:_____________________________

If you have any questions please call Troy Burner, AD, or Jordan Camp, AAD


Gatewood Alumni at the next level:

Cole Williams , Class of 2018, is playing soccer at The University of Georgia

Baker Stickley, Class of 2018, is playing rugby at The University of Georgia

Taylor Hyatt, Class of 2017, is on the Clay Sporting Club at Georgia College & State University
Ansley Wallace, Class of 2017, is on the Clay Sporting Club at Georgia College & State University.

Tanner Brackett, Class of 2016, is playing basketball for Brewton Parker

Marcus Ford, Class of 2016, is playing basketball for Brewton Parker

Grace Bridges, Class of 2016, is on The University of Georgia’s Equestrian Team

Trevor Bowden, Class of 2014, is playing football at the College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio.

Khady Dieng, Class of 2013, playing basketball for Auburn University.

Vincent Hancock, Class of 2007, is a two time Gold Medal Olympian in Skeet Shooting.

Taylor Head, Class of 2014, is playing softball at Piedmont College.

Katherine Lacksen, Class of 2009, running cross country at The Univeristy of Georgia.

Elizabeth Lacksen, Class of 2011, running cross country at The Georgia Institute of Technology.

Will Lacksen, Class of 2013, on the rowing team at The University of Georgia.

Trey Rule, Class of 2011, is playing golf at Mercer University.