Welcome to the new year Gatewood families!

GAP has used the summer to plan and coordinate efforts and a few new ideas for a successful year. Below you will find a complete listing of areas that we are seeking help from our families. A description and date if known has been included. If you feel that you can be a part within any of the requests, please let us know!

GAP has emerged as a strong and growing presence within our school. Our team is just that, a team. We are so thankful to our past volunteers and hope that this upcoming school year will lend your time and effort to us. Big or small is so appreciated! If you do decide to volunteer for us, then it will also look great on your resume when applying for jobs as it will show your commitment and care to the community. You can use resources such as https://www.arcresumes.com/ for help in organizing your resume as well and showcase what you have done for us and others you have volunteered for.

Thank you!

Gatewood Association of Parents

Please contact Jamie Campbell with any questions at [email protected] or 706-474-2961.

SignUp Volunteer:
seeking a person interested in taking over “Sign Up”. GAP uses the program to alert of volunteer or donation needs.
The program is easy to learn and can be done within your home using your computer. “SignUp” requests would be sent
directly to you to enter into the system and monitor.
Gardening Committee:
Seeking one or a few volunteers with an interest in gardening for the maintenance and upkeep of our newly planted
beds and flower pots. Any weeding, pruning or planting would be at your leisure. A small budget is provided by GAP for
maintenance. You could also have a peek here to find some useful Home Depot coupons for discounts on gardening supplies and other necessary equipment. Please share this with any one you know that might be interested, including our grandparents.

ONGOING: Sweet Fridays:
Lower School
Middle School
High School
Sweet Friday kick off is Friday, September 1 and the first Friday of each month thereafter with a few exceptions. Each
coordinator would be in charge of using “SignUp” to coordinate the number of breakfast items, snack items and/or
paper goods items needed and email monthly to recruit volunteers. Items would be delivered to each school work area
the morning of. Goods should be brought in disposable dishes, so there is no cleanup.

ONGOING: Pizza Friday:
Seeking any person wishing to be added to a rotating list. The more volunteers able, the more time span between each
individual shift. Volunteers needed during lunch time hours to man GAP’s new “Friday Pizza” initiative. Duties would
include setting the lunch station up in the cafeteria a few minutes before the first lunch break with provided materials
and ensuring that the listed pre-orders per lunch group receive their pre-ordered pizza or slice(s) and collecting any
monies owed. Extra slices will be available for purchase. Pizza will be delivered to the school.

Grandparents Day: Friday, October 6
This could be a few volunteers or a committee. The event will involve set up and decoration of tables, set up of bottled
water stations and take down of tables after. The day is a half day for our students as well as homecoming.
Homecoming Dance: Saturday, October 7
Seeking a Chair and committee to plan and initiate the High School Homecoming dance.
Trunk or Treat: Weekend before Halloween
Seeking a Chair and committee to plan and initiate the annual Trunk or Treat. GAP will provide a small budget.
College Information Days: TBD
Seeking a person or persons interested in coordinating college information sessions with Mr. Deloach and Ms. Milo for
our sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Teacher Workday Breakfast: November 6

A person or persons to plan, coordinate and set up a small breakfast for the morning meeting. Last year the breakfast
consisted of a variety of McDonald’s biscuits, fruit, muffins, cheese, nuts, water and orange juice. The items would need
to be ready and set up by 8:00 am the morning of. The coordinating teachers will handle clean up and any items that
would need to be returned could be picked up the following day in the teacher workroom.
Thanksgiving Lunch Coordinator: TBD
Lower School
Middle School
High School
A person or persons from each school level to plan and coordinate Thanksgiving lunches with the appropriate staff
members. Volunteers would coordinate menus and items needed, “Sign Ups”, volunteers to help set up, help with the
event and help clean up after.

Christmas Parade: TBD
A committee to plan and execute a Gatewood parade float
Teacher Christmas Luncheon:
A person or persons to coordinate the annual luncheon hosted on Thursday, December 14 immediately following the
12:00 early release. “Sign Ups” would be sent to seek soups, salads, desserts, drinks, paper goods, table cloths and
centerpieces. Volunteers would be needed for set up and clean up.
Teacher Appreciation Week: Chair: Anne-Baird Hill
Volunteers interested in helping plan various activities for the special week.
Volunteers interested in volunteering their time on various days of TA week to help implement proposed plans.
Volunteers needed to help with set up, the luncheon and clean up on Thursday, May 10.
Volunteers needed during the various lunch hours to monitor the students during their lunch break.
*Most participation will be broken down into shifts and a commitment to the TA week does not automatically include
you helping with each planned activity during the week.