Up against 28 schools and over 700 runners, Our Gators had a strong showing in our 1st meet on Saturday in Augusta. Most runners beat their times from last year! Go Gators!   We will do it again on Wednesday in Sandersville at Brentwood!  #beatyesterday  

Big news – we’re on Twitter now!  Follow Us – https://twitter.com/xcgators    @xcgators

The schedule has been finalized and is ready to be viewed.  You can also read more info about each meet by clicking on the links on our XC page – you can check out our page at this link

The first day of practice saw one of the largest turnouts for our XC Gators in recent years with 15 runners showing up.  They put in a few miles after receiving all the new information about the upcoming season.  Anyone who couldn’t come today feel free to join us tomorrow.  We always meet at the track right after school.  Tuesday will be another easy day to put in a few miles and then Wednesday will be a one-mile trial run on the track to evaluate our fitness levels and set a goal beat in the upcoming weeks.

It’s HOT in Georgia and that can only mean one thing – it’s time to run.  Any and all students interested in being part of the Gatewood Athletics program are encouraged to come out and join the Cross Country program.  We are a group of student athletes interested in getting better every day.  If you need to improve your fitness level for other sports, get in shape, be part of a team, or just have a great time in general, you are invited to join the XC team.  We like to work hard and play hard.  Our sport has a short season that is over at the end of October but it is guaranteed to challenge you every day and put you in a position to be successful no matter what your fitness level is today.  Our mantra is simply “Beat Yesterday.”  As long as you put in the work you will continue to “Beat Yesterday” every day of the week.  This is a life-long sport that you can continue to participate in long after you leave the Gatewood campus.  Day One is August 14.  If you are up to the challenge we will see you at 3:15 pm at the track on the 14th.  In the meantime, you can check out our page at this link.  I hope to see you there.