Rossee Oil Company pairs up with Foster Fuels Company, first to aid those in Texas impacted by Hurricane Harvey, then to aid Floridians impacted by Hurricane Irma, and again to Puerto Rico to relieve those impacted by Hurricane Maria. Bill Rainey, Gatewood Class of 1975, and owner of Rossee Oil Company, along with sons Mac Rainey, Gatewood Class of 2000, and Cooper Rainey, Class of 1999, and brother-in-law, Greg Manley, Gatewood Class of 1974, left their families and children in late August to go to Texas. They are now in Puerto Rico and are expected to be there for several months. Gatewood alums Robin Rainey, Gatewood Class of 1976 and Ross Rainey, Gatewood Class of 2003, stayed behind to run the family business. Please keep them and their families in your prayers. Mac and Cooper have young children at Gatewood, in grades K2-7, making the Raineys third generation Gatewood students.