Your Gators took care of business Friday night winning our first Region Championship since 1997.

Want to watch the Gatewood vs. JMA Football game again?



WOW!  What a great win for our program!  It had been 20 years since our last Region Championship (1997).  That drought is OVER.

The build-up and atmosphere were special, but the game was incredible.  Two undefeated teams, the top two ranked teams in the state, Gatewood vs John Milledge.  Battle of the Lakes.  It simply doesn’t get much better than that.  I am so proud of our team.  They left everything on the field Friday night and came away with a well deserved Region Championship.


Offensively, we did what we do…RAN THE FOOTBALL.  What a dominating performance by our offensive line.  The backfield was outstanding and performed at such a high level of play.

Defensively, we were relentless.  By the end of the game, we completely owned the line of scrimmage.  Our linebackers were all over the field, and our secondary was up to the challenge of anything JMA threw at them.

Lastly, let’s not forget about our kicking game.  Field position was so key all game long.  Our kickoff and punt coverage was excellent.  They had to drive the length of the field for much of the game, and that was simply not going to happen against our defense.  Nothing was easy for them.

All in all, what a great team win.  It belongs to our entire football family.  A win over those guys from Milledgeville was a long time coming, and IT WAS EARNED!  I am so proud and happy for our school.

NOW…As big of a win as Friday night was, our main goal is still unclaimed.  We can check off John Milledge and a Region  Championship, now it is time to go get the BIG PRIZE:  A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP.

We will have home field throughout the playoffs.  Three potential home games in late October and early November is awesome.  The road to Mercer goes through the SWAMP.  How special is that?

First up is Loganville.  We beat them soundly in the regular season 54-7, but these are the playoffs.  We must be prepared to get Loganville’s best shot.  Any team in the playoffs is dangerous.  Loganville is no exception.  We must have a great week of preparation.

“Champions Prepare Daily”

Game time for Friday is at 7:30pm in the SWAMP.  We will start the day with a team breakfast before school at Smith’s beginning at 7:00am and a pre-game meal after school at 3:45pm in the cafeteria.

The journey back to Mercer is a PROCESS.  A step by step, game by game, day by day PROCESS.  Loganville is next!  ROLL THE TRAIN!  We must have a great week of practice to get ready.

Our goal is to WIN a State Championship!  There is no turning back.


Championships are not given away; THEY ARE EARNED!  Let’s go to work!

Jeff Ratliff
Head Football Coach
Gatewood Gators