The Results are In!
Middle School Science Olympiad team travel to Douglas, Georgia to participate in the regional competition at South Georgia State College. Of the 23 events we participated in, the team of 6th-9th graders won 1st place in Mystery Architecture, Roller Coaster, and Write-It/Do-It; 2nd place in Anatomy & Physiology; and 3rd place in Fast Facts, Hovercraft, Microbe Mission, and Optics. The team won 5th place overall.

Science Olympiad is this week!  Region competition is this Friday.  Stay tuned for results.

I finally received the schedule of events and tried my best to place everyone in the ones they are interested in. I would like to have everything participate in 3 so I might have to do some tweaking to what I have, but I have attached the schedule for you to see.

Roller Coaster, Battery Buggy, Thermodynamics, wright stuff, towers, and hovercraft all need something built. Students are welcome to bring materials and build in my room Monday and Wednesday during Science Olympiad AND I was thinking to do a building day together either after school one day or a Saturday morning at GW (we’ve done this in the past so all partners can work together on their projects). The kids have had some good ideas so far. We need to check tower dimensions but it looks to be the same.

Gatewood will have at least 15 students in middle and high school that will be competing in the Science Olympiad this year.  Check back after February 23rd for the results.

I hope everyone is excited!! I sure am!


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