On Thursday, October 4th, the Gatewood Anchor Club will host their fall Red Cross Blood Drive from 10 to 3 in the auditorium. Students who are 16 and older can donate blood. The Anchor Club gives Seniors a Red Cord at Graduation if they have given a minimum of 3 pints of blood prior to graduation. Students have an opportunity to donate twice in the 11th and 12th grades. Some students are eligible to donate in the 10th grade.

Those age 16 must have a signed parental permission form to donate blood as required by the Red Cross. Those students who are 17 do not have a signed permission form. However, I suggest you talk about giving blood with your parents. Permission forms can be picked up from me at school or printed off the Red Cross Web Site. I must have them signed before students aged 16 can give.

There are plenty of time slots available to donate. You can register with me at school or you can go to the Red Cross Web Site and sign up for a time at the Gatewood location. Parents we would love to have you join us on Thursday.

Don’t forget everyone donating blood must have their drivers license.

Hope to see you at the blood drive