What is a Hashtag?

Most people have used or at least seen a hashtag when sifting through social media.  It’s obvious that most people don’t really understand what a hashtag is and how they work.  A hashtag is more than just a few random words to describe your mood.  They are a powerful way to organize and draw attention to your posts.  You can search social media platforms for specific hashtags and see all posts that use that particular hashtag in it.  This is extremely helpful when you want to see posts on a certain subject all at one time.  So, to help people find posts specific to Gatewood we would like to introduce a common hashtag that we can all use when posting to our favorite social media accounts.  We have been using #WeAreGatewood for a few months now in order to test the results over time.  So, when you are posting on your favorite social platforms please feel free to tag us and also use the hashtag #WeAreGatewood so the whole world can search for us all at one time.

Below are links to way more information on using hashtags than you’ll ever want to know, and how to help promote your brand – or in our case, Gatewood Schools.


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