In an effort to better communicate with our friends and family we are officially launching a presence on two new social media platforms. Our Facebook presence has been a successful way to promote our school and all of the great things we offer to our students and our community. We understand the importance a social media presence has for all businesses and schools like ours ( has more information on this.) Now we will also be posting regularly on Instagram and Twitter to reach a larger audience. Through these platforms, we strive to remain connected with all the people who look up to us for any updates or notifications related to the functioning of the school operations. Moreover, we also have plans to upgrade our internet service with internet and tv bundles for a non-interrupted delivery of all the important information.

That being said, our Facebook page currently has over 1200 followers and averages over 20,000 views and engagements per month. We are launching additional social platforms to reach a younger audience since our Facebook demographic is heavily weighted in the female from 35-54 age range category. We have also recruited our Yearbook class to help maintain and manage our social media presence in an effort to include the younger demographics. We’ve heard from some of them that people often buy IG likes and the like, and there’s a lot to learn along the way too!

You can help too! Anytime you see a post from us please take a half a second and like and share it with all of your social media friends as well. This very small task makes a HUGE difference in the analytics of how many people are reached. We may look into other options in the future to help us out – I know we all have a friend who talks about management tools like those offers, but for now we are relying on organic outreach as much as possible. Each share, like and comment allows the information in the post to increase exponentially in the number of people who actually get to see the information on their accounts.

If you are on social media please like and follow us today.

Facebook – or @GatewoodSchool

Instagram – gatewoodschool

Twitter – @gatewoodschool

In case you have family and friends who are not social media savvy, simply have them visit our website and scroll down past the blog posts. All of our social media feeds are right there on our social wall. You can see all the posts without having to log into each one to view.