As we celebrate 50 Years of Academic and Athletic Excellence in 2020, Gatewood is officially introducing a new school logo. Many families are already familiar with it, as it’s been on our online campus for a few months.  We simply modernized our official school crest to better represent the vision of our future.  Gatewood will work over the course of the year to implement this look fully across all appropriate materials to ensure Gatewood is easily recognizable in the community.  The new logo retains the basic foundation of our school – Academics, Athletics, and Faith.  We also included a banner that celebrates our 50th Year Celebration.

Our Athletic “Gator Head” logo has been modified to an extent not to be confused with any other logo and to avoid any copyright infringements.

Gatewood Crest

School Logo

Athletic Logo

Reserved for Office Use and Official Business Letterhead and other materials. For use on general school materials, social media accounts, and other academic materials. For use on athletic uniforms and materials