It is certain that we are operating in unprecedented times this week.   At Gatewood, we care deeply about providing a safe environment to educate our students — and the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our entire process. We want to thank our extraordinary faculty and staff who are working tirelessly to enrich our students’ lives and continue to educate our students in an unconventional manner.  In one day we have converted from a normal on-campus school to a fully functional online, virtual campus of sorts.  This has been an amazing accomplishment made possible by the hard work and dedication of our entire Gatewood faculty and staff.

Distance learning has been in operation for decades now all over the world, so we are certainly not inventing anything new in our interim strategy, but it has surely been a disruptive means to our usual routine and environment.  Please be patient with our teachers and remain positive as we navigate these unchartered waters.  Our teachers love your students and are working extremely hard to make the best of this situation.  We hope and pray it is a short term solution that will soon pass.  We encourage you to communicate any questions or concerns you may have with this strategy directly with our school.  Email your teachers with specific questions on their expectations.  Various grade levels and subjects will have different workloads and requirements.  Keep in mind this is a learning process for us all.  We are confident that good will come from this experience and we will be stronger than ever when our schedules can return to normal.

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and support during this time.  Below is Mr. Decker’s email to our parents: