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Dear Gatewood Friends and Family,

50 years ago, Gatewood Schools opened its doors for the first time!  Happy Birthday, Gatewood!  Please see the attached annual Gator Tales magazine.  It may also be found on our webpage under “development” or

A vital part of any school’s spirit and tradition is its Alumni Association.  We share a common bond that supports our tradition of academic excellence, our athletic foundation of fierce competitiveness, and our legacy of educating children in a nurturing, Christian environment.  In November of 2019, several alumni met informally to discuss plans to celebrate Gatewood’s 50th.  However, like everything else, this birthday party was impacted by COVID 19.  Undaunted, they are pressing on with other plans!  They established the “1970 Society”!   The 1970 Society would like to extend an invitation to all Gatewood Alumni, Current Parents, Past Parents, Grandparents, Friends and Supporters to become a member.  You may choose to be involved in any or all events, to volunteer, or simply be interested in Gatewood Happenings.  This is an opportunity to connect with Gatewood’s Past, Present and Future.  (See very bottom of this letter.)

What’s in it for you?  You will receive a Gator lapel pin, a membership card that will grant you free entry into one home football game and one home basketball game.  We will put together a membership directory that will also list potential internship or job opportunities.  We are raising money for Gatewood for several initiatives, such as the possibility of a diversity scholarship and specific capital improvements.

To become a member, simply mail a check to Gatewood School in the sum of $19.70, with “1970 Society” in the memo.  Gatewood Schools, 139 Phillips Drive, Eatonton, GA 31024.  This will be a yearly membership fee.   Other ways to support Gatewood:

1) AmazonSmile: go to; select Gatewood Schools as the recipient of 0.5% of your purchases.   No added cost to you!

2) The RoundUp App:  Get the App, Select Gatewood Schools as the recipient of your “spare change” on credit card transactions.  If you spend $19.70 at Piggly Wiggly, the app will round up your transaction to $20.00 and give the remaining .30 to Gatewood (minus their 2% fee).  With seven donors since March, Gatewood has received $323.  We receive a monthly report with the names of donors and amounts donated.  You can do this from anywhere!

3)Georgia Goal. Go to the Website   It re-allocates your Georgia Tax Dollars to Gatewood School.  This is money already allocated to private schools in general, so if Gatewood doesn’t receive the dollars, other private schools will.  It doesn’t cost you anything; it simply redirects your Georgia Tax Dollars. Last year, Gatewood received $122,000 this way.  See page 22 of GatorTales.

*Annual Fund donations are the lifeblood of this school and are a testament to your loyalty to Gatewood.   They are unrestricted dollars that go where our leadership thinks best to spend them.  Last year, money was spent on ionization units to clear the air inside the school, classroom technology, and some capital improvements.  Send a check to Gatewood with Annual Fund in the memo or go to:

God Bless & Go Gators!

Tracy Stickley

Director of Development

Baker (18), Jack (20) and Isabella (20)


[email protected]

706-485-8231 x1200


1970 Society Info: (With the help of Wil Haley, Autumn Moore Askew, Kaye Copelan, Teresa Doster, Tom McElhenney, Andrea Welch, Jan Dodson, and apologies if I left anyone out!)  Any questions:  Contact Wil Haley: 706-927-6117; [email protected]