Gatewood just completed its 50th year of operation! 5 decades of educating over 1200 graduates.  The class of 2021 celebrated 11 team state championships; 40% were HOPE eligible, 93% participated in service organizations, and 100% were admitted into colleges or universities.  The annual Gator Tales magazine is a financial report, but it also illustrates our mission of educating children n a nurturing Christian environment while instilling life-long characteristics of faith, honor, truth and loyalty.  We always benefit from the generosity of those who support our mission, and we are grateful.  Have you looked at our website lately?
On our website, under “development”  you can always find the latest issue of Gator Tales:
5K For KAYE Swamp Stomp will take place on September 19th at Gatewood.  Go to our website to register or become a sponsor!
Other ways to support Gatewood:
1) AmazonSmile: go to; select Gatewood Schools as the recipient of 0.5% of your purchases.   No added cost to you!
2) The RoundUp App:  Get the App, Select Gatewood Schools as the recipient of your “spare change” on credit card transactions.  If you spend $19.70 at Piggly Wiggly, the app will round up your transaction to $20.00 and give the remaining .30 to Gatewood (minus their 2% fee).  With seven donors since March, Gatewood has received $323.  We receive a monthly report with names of donors and amounts donated.  You can do this from anywhere!
3)Georgia Goal. Go to the Website   It re-allocates your Georgia Tax Dollars to Gatewood School.  This is money already allocated to private schools in general, so if Gatewood doesn’t receive the dollars, other private schools will.  It doesn’t cost you anything; it simply redirects your Georgia Tax Dollars. Last year, Gatewood received $122,000 this way.  See page 22 of GatorTales.
*Annual Fund donations are the lifeblood of this school and are a testament to your loyalty to Gatewood.  Celebrate Gatewood’s 50th year by donating $50 or more dollars. Send a check to Gatewood with Annual Fund in the memo or go to:
God Bless & Go Gators!
Marie Rainey
Director of Development
706-485-8231 x1200

Are you an Amazon Shopper? If so, you can simply log in to, select Gatewood Schools as your charity, and we will receive .5% of qualified purchases. You will log in with your existing Amazon login, it’s your same account, all of your order history, payments, etc are still there, the only difference is you will be donating to Gatewood! It’s really that simple. Check it out today!…/c…/about/ref=smi_se_dshb_aas_saas #WeAreGatewood