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Gatewood Association of Parents (GAP) maintains a strong presence on campus to support and enhance the educational experience at Gatewood School.  GAP helps to leverage volunteer power, improve communications, support school programs, and events, host various Teacher Appreciation events throughout the year and monetarily provide for the non-budgeted campus, building and classroom improvements.  Research clearly shows that parental involvement is critical in sustaining strong schools, and as an independent school that relies on parent and community support, the defining research statement could not be more accurate.  GAP is making a difference year by year and we encourage you to lend your time and support, no matter how little or great, it is valued and appreciated.

The 2023-2024 GAP Officers and Team Members are as follows:

Rebekah Coker President
Chris Justice Co-President
Rachel Harvey Treasurer

The GAP Team would love to welcome you and your ideas to our team!

GAP 2023/2024 Fundraising Initiatives:

Boosterthon, Publix Partners and Chik-fil-a Fridays are all ways to support the GAP program.  If you have questions regarding any of the above, feel free to contact Rebekah Coker at [email protected] or 706-816-8731.

GAP Annual Events:

In an effort to facilitate non-budgeted campus and classroom needs, as well as specific requests and wishes, GAP presents our second annual “Gatewood Giving” event.   

As we continue to find ways to improve our facilities and classrooms, we welcome and encourage you to join us.  

GAP receives requests year-round for needed and wish list items that are either non-budgeted for the year or replacements.  As a group, it is our desire to facilitate each and every need presented. 

As a grandparent, parent or supporter of our independent school, we hope you will help us help our school shine. The presented wish list varies on the price scale, but there is no value on support.  Thank you. 

Email:  [email protected]