High School

Gatewood’s High School expands and further refines the programs begun in the earlier years of school. Working closely together, administration and faculty provide the strong curricular continuity that is the hallmark of an outstanding college preparatory school. Honors and Advanced Placement classes are available to qualified high school students. Gatewood encourages students to reach their full potential, and exceptional students are allowed to participate above grade level within the school. Qualified juniors and seniors that want to challenge themselves by participating at the college level may be afforded the opportunity for Dual Enrollment at Gordon College (in-house). Qualified juniors and seniors are afforded the opportunity to complete first year college English, science, and math requirements at Gatewood Schools as part of their course requirements for graduation.

Academic Curriculum 

♦ English Requirements  ♦ Math Requirements 2023-24 ♦ Science Requirements   ♦ Social Studies Requirements  ♦ Foreign Language Requirements

Dual Enrollment Requirements

Speaking of graduation, exams leading up to this is really important. If a student is struggling with any form of exam preparation, schools now have the option of looking into test readiness solutions, which provide the targeted instruction and practice students need to learn these skills and be successful on high-stakes exams.

Electives that enrich the traditional college preparatory curriculum include:

AP US History AP World History Astronomy Beginning Guitar
Business & Technology Choral Ensemble Creative Arts & Production  Drawing I, II
Forensic Science Guitar Intermediate Guitar Literary
Painting I, II Psychology Public Speaking SAT & ACT Test Preparation
Yearbook Staff

Clubs and teams give young people opportunities to develop leadership, a spirit of cooperation, and service to others. Extracurricular activities at the high school level include:

Academic Competitions ♦ Anchor Club ♦ Band ♦ Baseball ♦ Basketball ♦ Boy Scouts ♦ Clay Target Sports ♦ Competition & Spirit Cheer Squads ♦ Cross Country ♦ Debate Team ♦ Fellowship of Christian Athletes ♦ Equestrian ♦ Football ♦ Golf ♦ Key Club ♦ Literary Competition ♦ National Honor Society ♦ One Act Play ♦ Publications/Journalism ♦ Science Olympiad ♦ Soccer ♦ Softball ♦ Student Government ♦ Swimming ♦ Tennis ♦ Track and Field ♦ Volleyball (Girls) ♦ Wrestling ♦ Wylde Life ♦ Young Life

In choosing Gatewood for the high school years, a parent can know that his or her child will be prepared to compete successfully in the best colleges and universities, and he or she will have the opportunity to become the well-rounded student whom colleges actively seek.

Gatewood has had an impressive selection rate for students into top Georgia research universities like the University of Georgia and Georgia Institute of Technology; over 90% acceptance rate over the last 5 years. One of our recent graduates received the highly competitive University of Georgia Presidential Scholarship. The chart on the following page illustrates Gatewood’s latest average SAT score compared to all the high schools in the state. It also identifies the average scores for the area’s local public schools and shows the state and national average SAT scores. Please note that the state and national averages include all public and private school test results.

Gatewood not only prepares their students to be accepted into the college of their choice, but they are also preparing their students to succeed once they get there by providing a solid foundation academically, spiritually, and socially. As with the lower and middle school, the high school also participates in weekly chapel services.

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