Uniform Policy

Uniform Provider


Uniform Policy found in the Gatewood Schools Student Handbook:

Good habits are established early in life and grow out of an atmosphere of respect for self and for others. These good habits are established and maintained by a consistent application of basic rules of conduct, dress and courtesy that reflect the cooperative effort of home and school.

The uniform dress code applies while students are on campus or participating in school sponsored activities, regardless of location. Dress for athletic practices should be appropriately modest. Exposed midsections are not allowed. Shirts must stay on. The administration and faculty will make all determinations in the appropriateness of apparel and grooming.

  1. The dress code applies to students in grades Pre-kindergarten through 12.
  2. Clothing should be labeled with the student’s name to facilitate the return of lost items.
  1. Every Gatewood student will wear the prescribed uniform Monday–Thursday each week.
  2. Students must change back into Gatewood’s uniform after any PE, weightlifting, and/or conditioning class.
  3. Gatewood spirit wear must be worn during PE, weightlifting and/or conditioning classes.

Gatewood Uniform Standards

Colors of shirts and outerwear are approved shades of green, maze, white, and gray. Seniors have the option of also purchasing black.

Polo Style Shirts

Land’s End Uniform polo-styled shirts (long or short sleeve) with Gatewood logo may be worn. These must be tucked. *Only seniors may wear black shirts.*

Oxford Style Shirts

Land’s End Uniform oxford shirts with Gatewood logo may be worn. Regular cut oxfords must be tucked. “Female cut” oxfords do not have to be tucked.


Land’s End Uniform sweater and sweater vests in green, yellow, or white may be worn. A collared Gatewood shirt with the Gatewood logo must be worn underneath the sweater or vest.


Khaki pants, shorts, capris, jumpers and skirts, should be a respectable length deemed appropriate by female staff member. In middle and high school SOLID black leggings are required under skirts, skorts or jumpers. This article of clothing is not to show any undergarments, be rolled up at the waste, or reveal any skin that is inappropriate. Standard Gatewood Uniform colors only. Clothing deemed to be excessively tight fitting is not authorized for wear at any time.  No see-through material, cutouts or writing on the leggings. Cargo shorts are not allowed for males.  Male students (grades 3rd and up) are required to wear pants or shorts with belt loops at all times accompanied by a belt.


  • Boys must wear shoes with closed toes.
  • Girls must wear shoes with a solid back or a strap on the back.
  • Shoes or boots with laces must be fully laced up at all times. Boots may not be worn with shorts.  Pantlegs must be worn outside of boot NOT tucked in boots.
  • Preferably, pre-school student shoes should meet the safety requirements as stated above, but should also be easily put on and taken off by the  students themselves. Velcro fastened or slip on shoes are appropriate to meet this requirement.


Belts must be worn by all male students grades third and above. Girls are to wear belts with any pants or shorts with belt loops.


Inside any school building, students may wear sweatshirts, jackets or pullovers bearing the school logo and/or name. Students may wear school team outerwear during the school week provided it has been approved by the athletic department prior to the team order. No hoods may be worn inside of building. Lands End sweater and sweater vests in green, yellow, or white may be worn. A collared Gatewood shirt with the Gatewood logo must be worn underneath the outerwear.

Dress Code for Spirit Days (Fridays)

Fridays are designated as “spirit days,” and students may wear Gatewood spirit wear bearing the name Gatewood or “the Gatewood G”. Sleeveless jerseys must be worn with a t-shirt underneath. Denim jeans, may be worn if they have NO holes, NO tears and NO frays or frayed edges. No skin tight pants or “jegging” of any type are authorized at any time.

Any students in weightlifting or strength and conditioning must change back into uniform after class.

As a privilege, seniors may wear a sweatshirt bearing the name of any university from which they have received an acceptance letter as outerwear. This applies only to second semester.

Dress and Grooming Requirements


Haircut requirements apply to all Gatewood students (K-2 through 12). Hairstyles and/or color must not draw undue attention to an individual or interfere with the educational process. Examples of inappropriate cuts include Mohawk-style cuts, mullets or designs cut into the hair. Hair colors must be of a natural looking color, to include highlights. Boys’ hair must not fall over the top of the ear, below the eyebrow, or over the collar. Students must be clean- shaven, and sideburns may not be longer than the bottom of the earlobe. Hair styles and or length are the discretion of the school. Administration can request a haircut!  The student will have a 3 day grace period after the request of administration.  If haircut is not done within 3 day grace period, this will be a level 1 offense.  Male students are to be clean-shaven everyday. 

The following are prohibited at Gatewood Schools:

  • Earrings on boys
  • Hats, caps, bandanas, or sunglasses
  • Facial or visible body piercings
  • Visible tattoos.
  • Any clothing or accessory that the administration deems unsuitable.