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Thank you for contacting Gatewood Schools. In order to ensure a prompt response to your inquiry, please click on one of the links below or check the lists of phone extensions for phone access.

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Main Office: 706-485-8231


1000- Main Office/Registrar, Lisa Milo
1200-Development Office, Marie Rainey
1300-Admissions, Libby Rainey
2500- Asst. Headmaster, Josh Ringer
1500 – Athletic Trainer/A.D., Troy Burner
1600- Middle School Director, Amy Camp
1900- Guidance Counselor, Brittany Collis
2000- Beth Moss, High School Director
2100-HR, Paulette Hall
2200- Business Manager, Jan Dodson
2300- Media Center, Amy Ferman
2400- Yearbook, April Allen
2600- Campus Communications, Candi Moreno
3000-Varsity Football, Jeff Ratliff
3100-Academic Support, Joe Tkacik

Fax : 706-485-2455

Mailing address:

Gatewood Schools
139 Phillips Drive
Eatonton, GA 31024