1. Donate Money:

We are a not for profit rural private school and we welcome your monetary donations.  You can mail or drop off a check or follow the link below to give online.  We challenge you to give $5, $50, $500, $5000 or more.  We don’t place limits on our students and we don’t want to place a limit on your giving!  These donations will go to our Annual Fund unless you specify how you would like your gift to be used.  All gifts are tax-deductible, you can learn more below!

2. Link Online Accounts:

There are many ways to support our school with money you are already spending.  Be sure to link your Ingles and Publix cards to Gatewood.  

3. Support GOAL:

You pay taxes to the state of Georgia.  Through a special program called GOAL you can redirect up to $10,000 of your state tax money to be used at Gatewood.  This can be done by anyone in the state of Georgia, whether you have children at Gatewood or not.  Please spread the word about this amazing opportunity to bring more students to our school.  Read more below.

4. Follow Us on Social Media:

To show your support for Gatewood while on social media, be sure to like, comment and share our posts so we get maximum online exposure.  When posting your pictures be sure to tag @gatewoodschool, check-in when on campus, and if you make your posts shareable we will share them for all to see.  We are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  This is a great way to show off all of the positive things we do at our school and in our community at no cost to our school.  We currently have an online footprint of over 60,000 engagements per month.

5. Volunteer Your Time:

We know your time is one of your most valuable assets.  We count on parents and friends to make our school run efficiently. Gatewood is more than a school for children; it is a community for families. Gatewood was founded by a group of parents and continues to encourage and support the active involvement of all parents in the life of the school. On any school day, you will find parents on campus in roles ranging from planning campus-wide events to doling out lunches to reading with children. After school you will find parents helping with Booster Club activities, helping students build a set for a drama event, setting up a reception that will follow a concert or attending a parent discussion group. Parents get involved at Gatewood to be a part of their children’s experience and to be apart of the community.  Don’t sit back and wait for a call, Ask how you can help today.

Why give to Gatewood Schools?

Our children are the future and our most precious assets.  Your participation means EVERYTHING! Why invest in Gatewood?  You provide a better learning environment, smaller class size, better education, more individual attention per child, better preparation for college, improved student safety, more responsive educators, Christian education, better student discipline, and a greater sense of community.  Gatewood Schools is a 501(c)3 organization.  All gifts are tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.  With that in mind, there are different opportunities for making a gift to Gatewood, including cash gifts, pledges, in-kind contributions, and GOAL participation.   There are pillars of participation.  Many businesses ask whether we have 100% participation from Faculty (we do); for the Board (we do).  We are striving for 100% participation from every family enrolled this year.  How do you want to give to Gatewood?

The ANNUAL FUND  donations are tax-deductible.  Tuition payments are not.  Annual Fund donations are the lifeblood of the school.  Donations from parents, alumni, and friends allow the funding of programs and projects beyond what the basic budget can accommodate, and in fact, supplement the budget so that tuition can be kept as low as possible.  These contributions enable Gatewood Schools to recruit and retain talented faculty, provide scholarships for deserving students, enhance academic programs, and keep the facilities up to date.

Redirect Your Georgia State Tax Liability  Give to GOAL, a registered Student Scholarship Organization (SSO), that facilitates Georgia tax credits for donations that in turn provide tuition scholarships to children who desire to attend private K-12 schools.  There are LIMITED TAX CREDITS available, so if you don’t specify Gatewood to receive these funds, other schools will get them instead.  Anyone can donate!  You don’t have to be a Gatewood parent.  You may allocate as little or as much as you want up to the following limits:  $5,000 for a married couple filing jointly, or $2,500 for a married couple filing separately, or $2,500 for an individual filing singly, and $25,000 for an individual owner of a pass-through entity’ (sole proprietor, LLC, and partnerships). For Corporations the tax credit is up to 75% of their annual Gatewood, keeping your money local.  A Tax Credit is more beneficial than a deduction.  A credit reduces your GA taxes dollar for dollar while a deduction recused the taxable income upon which taxes are calculated.  Your GA income tax is typically 6% of your Adjusted Gross Income.  (Line 16 of GA Income Tax Return, Form 500).  Last year, only 46 families contributed towards GOAL, but it helped 73 students (23 received GOAL only).  Imagine if EVERYONE contributed!  This could have a huge impact on keeping tuition costs low.

GAP  Gatewood Association of Parents exists to support and enhance the educational experience at Gatewood. GAP helps to leverage volunteer power, improve communication, supports school programs and events, hosts a Teacher Appreciation Week and provides for the beautification of the school (refurbishing the front lobby and landscaping improvements). They have purchased computers, refrigerators and a stove for the cafeteria.  Research clearly shows that parent involvement is critical in sustaining strong schools.  Gap has its own non-profit status that provides financial and volunteer support for Gatewood students, teachers and staff.

Scholarships: Gatewood currently has no specific scholarship set up.  Financial aid is provided through GOAL, the Annual Fund, and the FACTS program.

Endowments:  These act as insurance funds for the future.  An endowment is a fund that is restricted.  Only the interest from the fund can be spent, not the principal that anchors the endowment.  Only a portion of the interest or earnings from the endowment (typically 5%) can be spent annually to make sure the original funds grow over time.  Endowments provide long-term growth and security, and anyone can contribute to an endowment.

Memorial and Honorary Gifts:  Gifts in honor of a deceased individual or loved one are an especially meaningful way to contribute to Gatewood Schools.  We will inform the family that a memorial or honorary gift has been made.  You may also set up a child or grandchild as a Tribute account.  These gifts are also tax-deductible.

Donating Securities to Gatewood School


End of year activities keep everyone busy, but please remember Gatewood and send in your year-end pledge payment or annual fund gift. Gatewood and your tax advisor will be grateful. If you would like to make your pledge payment or a gift to Gatewood with appreciated stock, just follow these simple steps:

Individuals who are 70.5 years old with an IRA must take an annual required minimum distribution.  That distribution can go directly to Gatewood School as a Qualified Charitable Contribution eliminating any federal tax owed by the taxpayer.  Have your broker or IRA custodian contact Teresa Doster at Edward Jones for instructions. 706-484-0693 or
1.  Notify Gatewood of your intention to make a gift of stock.  Call or Email Marie Rainey at [email protected], 706-485-8231 x1200.
In order to properly credit your gift, we must be aware of the transfer details.  Because DTC information does not include the owner of the assets, stocks sent without advance notification cannot be matched to the donor(s).
2.  Supply your broker with our broker’s information.   Edward Jones is the only authorized brokerage account for gifts to Gatewood Schools.
Edward Jones
Teresa Doster (706-485-0693)
Gatewood Schools’ Account Number:  281124771-3
Edward Jones Gatewood DTC # 0057
3.  Send a copy of your stock transfer authorization letter or details of the gift (stock name, number of shares, approximate date of transfer) to Marie Rainey at Gatewood Schools, or have the individual performing the transfer contact Marie directly at [email protected].
706-485-8231 x1200
Fax: 706-485-2455
In accordance with IRS guidelines, the date of the gift will be the date that Gatewood Schools assumes ownership of the shares.  For crediting purposes, the value is determined as the average of high and low listings for the stock on that date.
Gifts of Mutual Fund shares are welcome but significantly more complicated.  Please allow 10 days to process.
If you have any questions, please contact Marie Rainey in the Development Office at the email address or phone number above.