Our Preschool consists of 2 through 4 year olds (Pre-Kindergarten 2-4). The Preschool is located in its own separate facility providing close proximity to playgrounds and external classrooms for specials like art, music, and foreign language. Preschool students have their own multipurpose room in which they have devotional periods, participate in art projects, practice for class programs, and partake of daily lunch. Classrooms are colorful, bright and engaging. We want our classrooms to feel like home to our children.

During these formative years, our teachers work with children concentrating on their intellectual, social, and motor skills. The Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 classes visit the Putnam County Library on a monthly basis to attend a reading program, and will attend plays and educational events both on and off campus throughout the school year.

Developmental skills are the focus for the 2 and 3 year old children. In the latter part of the Pre-K 3 school year, children are introduced to sight words, basic math facts, and have social studies, science and Christian teaching embedded into their daily lessons. The Pre-K 4 year old students continue to grow their reading, writing and math skills as they progress through the school year. Along the way, teacher and parents communicate routinely to ensure that all children are receiving all of the support they require to be the very best they can be in school. These foundations for learning translate into earlier mastery of basic skills and children who enjoy school and learning.

Preschool students participate in specials throughout the week. Preschool students attend story time at Gatewood’s library, physical education and music classes.   In addition to those specials, Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 take Spanish. Preschool students also perform at Grandparent’s Day and as part of the Christmas Program.

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